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Gearing Up For Drop Off

June 30, 2022 Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT Episode 2
Tara's Take - Parenting, Education & Life With Kids
Gearing Up For Drop Off
Show Notes

In today’s episode I’m sharing a great strategy for children going to daycare, school, extra-curricular activities, summer programs… Basically any time you need to drop your child off somewhere new OR somewhere that they are no longer excited about going.

Working as a preschool owner taught be a lot about so many things and when I reflect back on my career as a K-12 educator I realize many of the things aren’t just exclusive to early years. 

One of them is the topic I’m going to speak about today: why the promise of FUN doesn’t always work for big changes or transitions. 

Here's the bonus. Even if the 'it's going to be so much fun' approach has worked to date, the strategy I share in today's episode covers another really important piece of parenting. It's an easy and effective way for you to build connected conversations with your child that will take you beyond, how was your day?

For more information on this strategy you can check out my Blog: Gearing Up For Drop-Off.

Want to catch a replay of my transitions workshop, you can find that here.

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