Raising Resilient Children

Goodbye Routines

August 02, 2022 Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT Season 1 Episode 4
Raising Resilient Children
Goodbye Routines
Show Notes

Part of setting you and your child up for drop-off success is creating a Goodbye Routine. 

Whether you are starting school for the first time or heading back-to-school, a Goodbye Routine will give you the tools and skills you need for a smoother transition and it will continue to support you throughout the school year.

As we shift from summer mode to school mode, there's a lot of changes and transitions that happen. Routines at home change, there's new routines at school as children are getting used to new teachers, new peers, new schedules, new learning models… 

One of the the ways to easiest ways to navigate any big transition like this is to create some predictability.

Goodbye Routines help ensure you:

  1. Set an expectation for what it will look like when you part ways.  
  2. Create a clear action plan for leaving your child (saying goodbye)
  3. Meet your child's needs in a clear and consistent way (avoid the one mores)

If you want to take the next step in setting yourself up for success this school year, enrol in my mini-course The Art of Saying Goodbye.  You will learn how to build a customized goodbye routine, how to gather parent clues to handle the ‘one mores’ and the importance of developing an understanding of goodbye with your child.

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This podcast is produced, mixed and edited by Cardinal Studio.