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Building Tools for Feelings: Narration

August 11, 2022 Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT Season 1 Episode 8
Tara's Take - Parenting, Education & Life With Kids
Building Tools for Feelings: Narration
Show Notes

Last week in the Back-to-School Special episode about Preparing for Kindergarten one of the topics that came up was importance of helping children communicate their feelings.

As children head back to school and their busy classroom communities, being able to identify their feelings and know what to do when they have those feelings is a really important part of building relationships. Relationships with their peers, their teachers and themselves.

It's also an essential component of emotional regulation. The reality is, we all have feelings, but we don't all have tools for them. It starts with being able to identify them!

In this episode I'm sharing how you can start building a feelings vocabulary in your home using one of the strategies I teach in my program Building Resilience Through Kindness. It's super easy, effective and doesn't require any additional resources.

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